Which Computer Brand Is the Best?

With so many options and models of laptops and desktops in the market, it may be quite intimidating to finalize on that one computer which suits our needs. In order to make this task easier, you need to be sure whether you would want to purchase a laptop or a desktop. While a desktop is cheaper, laptop is portable. Then, consider for what purpose you would want the computer for — personal or official use. Take into account the kind of applications you would run on your computer. You need to purchase higher end laptops if you want to run heavy programming, multimedia or report based applications.

The following are some of the recommended computer brands:

• Sony VAIO: This is a high range laptop recommended for gaming and running heavy applications. The design of this laptop as well as the performance has gained phenomenal acceptance among computer experts.

• Apple Mac: Mac enthusiasts would any day prefer to purchase Apple laptops or computers. This company has come up with sleek designs and won the hearts of its loyalists over decades and still has substantial fans in the computer market.

• Acer and Gateway: Gateway is popularly remembered for the cow mascot and holds the credit of manufacturing durable hardware components. Acer has become popular in many parts of South East Asia.

• Dell: Dell laptops are quite popular among computer geeks and the company features in the top list of manufacturers. Different options of the laptop are available for various customer segments and the pricing varies accordingly. The laptops run on Linux or Windows operating system.