Birth of Ringtones

It may not be easily possible for a young ringtone enthusiast indulging himself in the latest mellifluous melodies to believe that ringtones of bygone days sounded more like computer beeps. But the truth is that initial ringtones were highly boring due to its monotonous nature. Those tones have fortunately given way to the fulfilling and highly attractive real tones with sound quality good enough to shame even the most advanced music players.

Hand set owners put a lot of importance to Ringtones, as it proclaims to the world who and what he or she is. The tastes and likes of the owner are written all over on the caller tones saved in his hand set. In addition, the astounding variety of tones a user is confronted with provides any one, be it the jovial one, the morose one or a person with any other disposition with tones that match exactly his or her personality. Another important feature of a modern true tone is the scope for improvisation.

However, it took almost a decade for the Stone Age (as it seems now) monophonic tones to evolve into this phenomenon. The first commercially sold tone was formatted in RTTTL which is the short form of Ring Tone Text Transfer Language. The tone was a novelty at that time, even though they seem to be primitive in the eyes (and ears) of the modern enthusiast. The main feature of this type was that only one sound could be played at a time, but the saving grace was that these sounds with different frequencies could be properly arranged to produce a continuous sound flow. But the voices (or noises for some) emanating from the cell phones more or less sounded like computer beeps.

Technology never stops at anything. Development is a continuing process. As in the case of other products around us, ringtones also changed for the better as a superior format, the polyphonic tones were invented. The simplistic, strictly made for the purpose monophonic tones were abandoned in a trice in the wake of the advent of the polyphonic tones. These tones could produce a cacophony of up to sixteen instruments generated sounds at one time, which made the resulting stream of sounds seem like music. This type of tones is still in vogue.

The biggest innovation in this field so far came about as true tomes or master tones, as they are called by some. This innovation stormed the market and the hearts of the enthusiast. With new technologies added to hand sets, it became a cake walk for the user to acquire and load his hand set with the choicest of these tones.

The whopping amounts of interest generated among the public with regard to real tones has kicked up an industry of selling these tones. The incomes generated are outstanding and the field is still growing in leaps and bounds. Competition among sellers to attract more customers have brought out some welcome innovations like sing tones and name tones. For the discerning public, it seems, this is just a beginning.

Which Computer Brand Is the Best?

With so many options and models of laptops and desktops in the market, it may be quite intimidating to finalize on that one computer which suits our needs. In order to make this task easier, you need to be sure whether you would want to purchase a laptop or a desktop. While a desktop is cheaper, laptop is portable. Then, consider for what purpose you would want the computer for — personal or official use. Take into account the kind of applications you would run on your computer. You need to purchase higher end laptops if you want to run heavy programming, multimedia or report based applications.

The following are some of the recommended computer brands:

• Sony VAIO: This is a high range laptop recommended for gaming and running heavy applications. The design of this laptop as well as the performance has gained phenomenal acceptance among computer experts.

• Apple Mac: Mac enthusiasts would any day prefer to purchase Apple laptops or computers. This company has come up with sleek designs and won the hearts of its loyalists over decades and still has substantial fans in the computer market.

• Acer and Gateway: Gateway is popularly remembered for the cow mascot and holds the credit of manufacturing durable hardware components. Acer has become popular in many parts of South East Asia.

• Dell: Dell laptops are quite popular among computer geeks and the company features in the top list of manufacturers. Different options of the laptop are available for various customer segments and the pricing varies accordingly. The laptops run on Linux or Windows operating system.

Pro Flight Simulator Review – A Closer Look at Realistic Flight Simulation

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a casual gaming enthusiast or someone who’s always wanted to have hands on experience with some of the finest planes that are out there. There is definitely something for everyone in this new flight simulation software called Pro Flight Simulator. This great software that lets you experience virtual flight simulation from the comfort of your own home computer (both PC and mac).

Pro Flight Simulator’s feature at glance

As an end user, you have endless of choices with this software. The software features over 20,000 destinations where you can fly to and from. There are over 120 planes like Boeing 747, AirBus A130, and even fighter jets and helicopters to choose from. The cockpits and instrument panels on the plane come extremely close to the real thing, and the graphics are visually appealing and extremely realistic. Software’s compatibility is an obvious plus as it works on both PCs as well as Macs.

My Experience

I have had this software since its launch and have enjoyed playing the game ever since. The reason I like this software a lot is because I feel that I am not just doing casual gaming, but rather learning something and enjoying the process thoroughly overall. Even though, in the beginning I was a bit overwhelmed by the plethora of choices offered by the software ranging from which planes to choose, interchangeable weather conditions, where to fly, learning the controls of various planes and so on. But, slowly I got accustomed to the game and can say that this is easily one of the best purchases I’ve ever made.

Overall a very Happy Customer

I have recommended this software to various family members and friends. And, one of the things I really like about this software is that the makers are generous enough to let us have multiple licenses to run this flight simulation software on multiple PCs. I am definitely not surprised at the growing numbers of more and more serious as well as casual gamers and flight simulation enthusiasts.