Buy Wicked Lasers Arctic Online? A Laser Enthusiasts Dream Come True

Looking for a place to buy the Wicked Lasers Arctic? Take a number. The world’s most unique and powerful hand held laser pointer is the first class IV 1 watt blue laser pointer that made headlines some months ago for its striking resemblance to the famous Star Wars weapon a lightsaber. So similar in fact that LucasFilms, the creators of the Star Wars franchise, sent the manufacturer a cease and desist letter demanding they stop producing or change the design of the S3 arctic pro.

This lead to a wave of attention and a rush of fans and enthusiasts looking for ways to buy the Spyder III. The only problem was that they’re made by only one manufacturer, and only offered by a single United States based laser provider. Quickly, demand overcame supply and a back-order queue of about 2-4 weeks has been steadily locked in for the past few months.

From Craigslist, to forums, even to eBay, laser fans began trying to barter or buy even used Arctic Pro’s from any source who was willing to part with one. The thing is, this is not your average laser pen. The Wicked Lasers arctic is the Rolls Royce of hand held lasers, and is even used by the United States armed forces in the theater of war.

If you’re looking to buy an s3 arctic, you should really do some research into its capabilities as its extremely powerful, and though it is FDA approved, it is not a toy or to be used too casually.