The Suunto D9 Dive Computer – A Look at the Features From Suunto’s Top of the Line Dive Computer

Known as the first all-in-one dive computer, the Suunto D9 contains all the features needed for the most demanding of divers.

This top of the line computer from Suunto brings all the crucial dive information to ensure your safety during, and post, your dive, in one great piece of equipment.

Now let us take an in-depth view of the features which make up this great piece of diving equipment.

Wireless air integration

A great feature of the dive computer is its wireless air integration capabilities. You do however need to purchase the wireless transmitter separately, although you may find the complete package here.

The wireless air integration enables you to keep track of your air consumption and tank pressure and at the same time monitor depth and time. The remaining air time is numerically displayed during the dive whilst tank pressure is displayed in both numerical and graphical representation.

Digital navigation

The greatest feature of the Suunto D9 is its digital compass which is fully functional above and below water. Designed with the diver in mind, the compass can be accessed from both Dive and Time modes enabling continuous monitoring of other dive data. A graphically representation of a compass rose displays cardinal, half cardinal points and the current bearing which is numerically displayed.

Multi-mode features

With multimode versatility, Air, Nitrox and Gauge Mode, the D9 is designed to meet even the most demanding diver’s expectations. Whilst the Air mode is used for scuba diving on standard air, the Nitrox mode can be used for up to three nitrox mixes, whilst the Gauge mode is meant for use as a bottom timer.

Particularly suited for technical and deep divers, In nitrox mode, the Suunto D9 has the capacity to handle up to 3 different gas mixes which can be set between 21% to 100% oxygen and you can then set PO2 values.

A very useful feature of the D9 is the recording of accurate bottom times, deco stops and profile sampling through the Gauge mode. Moreover in this mode a dive timer provides you with your dive time in minutes and seconds.

Decompression Calculation

The D9 uses Suunto’s deep stop RGB algorithm to base the decompression calculation. Further safety is added using this algorithm where continuous decompression for optimal ascent time is calculated.

When enabled the Suunto D9’s user-selectable deep-stop function calculates the first deco stop at half of maximum depth. Extra safety is also provided for deep diving where a number of deep stops between maximum and ceiling depths are added.

As for no-decompression dives, you will be alerted for a three minute safety stop at 15 feet.

Memory and Dive Logging

You can easily connect your Suunto D9 to your PC using a USB interface and Suunto’s Dive Manager (SDM) software to transfer and view your previous dives.

The SDM will portray a complete click-able graphical representation of your dive profile for you to better understand and keep track of your dives.


Whether you are diving in unknown waters or diving to depths, safety is your greatest priority. This Suunto D9 is designed to enable you to practice your favorite past time whilst knowing that you can rely on the information provided by this great dive computer.

Given the complete package of dive gauges all combined into one instrument, the depth, time and decompression information combined with the digital compass and air integration you can make better decisions and maximize your diving performance without making unnecessary risks.

Be sure to check out the Suunto D9 dive specifications at under the Dive computers section found at Scuba-Snorkeling-Adventures.Com

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The Top Free Racing Computer Games

Over speeding on any real life road is always frowned upon. However, gamers can download their favourite racing game and drive like a maniac. The best part is that the driving environment is very safe. The individual will be able to drive and smash their car without needing any costly repairs or insurance. The following are some of the best racing games for people who want tickle their thrill gene.

Formula 1 game

Anyone who loves to race fast probably envies the drivers at Formula One. This is the premier racing event in the world. Game developers have come up with a game version of the popular race. This version tries to copy the real life event, from the cars to the tracks and the characters. The racer will first have to pick the vehicle of their choice. They will then have to go through a number of challenges and finish within the shortest time.

Need for Speed rivals

Need For Speed rivals is ideal for the rebels in the group who do not want to be confined by the racing rules of Formula One games. This game is perfect for street racing enthusiasts. They have to drive fast and compete with other drivers in order to get to the top of the list. The experience of playing this game is exciting and exhilarating. However, they also have to remember that street racing is illegal, and they have to race while keeping an eye out for the police. They should have fun and do their best to win the game, but they should not get caught.

Split Second

Most racing games do not have a story line, and the individual simply has to win the race to win the game. However, Split second actually has a storyline. The player will know the backstory and they will enjoy the storyline while still racing some of the best and fastest cars. It is the ideal game for adrenaline junkies as it is very fast paced and dynamic.

Moto GP games

Tired of racing on four wheels? Then you should try racing on a two-wheeler. The Moto GP games allow gamers to race on very fast motor bikes. The speed is exhilarating, and they simply have to be the first at the finish line. There are a number of challenges and levels that the individual has to complete successfully in order to win the game.

Top 3 Free Computer Game Downloads

I read an article in USA TODAY where parents told their children to make sure they get in a good 30 minutes of playing video games before eating. WHAT? Supposedly the video game playing helped these two children that have attention deficit disorder learn to focus better. In this article I will display the top 3 free computer game downloads. So before you eat those vegetables try playing these games.

City Sights – Hello, Seattle. In this hidden objectives game you are a traveling journalist, sightseeing on an exciting hidden objective assignment. Many people have found this game to be exciting as you get to know the Seattle landmarks. It’s a fun, creative, thinking game and can become somewhat addictive.

Agatha Christie – Dead Man’s Folly. Another hidden objectives game high on the charts, where you uncover a murder plot with the perfect disguise. Solve puzzles and reveal the truth behind a dark secret. People have found this game to also be addicting and very entertaining. Along with the game play, people have also been happy with the graphics.

Scrabble. This classic board game is one of the most downloaded games to play. You can play against the computer or human opponents. Play the way you remember in Classic mode, race against the clock in Blitz, climb to the top in a Tournament, or set up a Custom Tournament and play SCRABBLE your way. Some enthusiast of this game find it refreshing to see online. A family favorite for generations of gamers.